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What does it do?

Make a beautiful catalog of your home inventory

If you enjoy organizing and tracking your home assets this little app is just for you. Create a beautiful photo catalog of all your home belongings right from your phone. Click pictures, add a few details and you are on your way to building a complete inventory of your home belongings.

As a catalog maker app you can capture tiny details like serial numbers and purchase dates of everything in your home. The built in reports help you discover what you spend your money on, find out which room in your home is the most expensive one, find out where you have been spending your money on, and many more ideas.

Add pictures directly from your phone camera. Pictures are scaled and sized to conserve space on your android device. The image gallery browser lets you find information by pictures in your home catalog.

Create a home inventory report for quick reference. The inventory report will list items by location, value and all relevant information. An excellent reference tool when the unforeseen disaster strikes and you need to make insurance or warranty claims.

What else?

Broke something?, search for warranty information and serial numbers in plain text. Even if your catalog has hundreds of items you can find inforamtion in a fraction of a second.

You can categorize items into convenient groups like furniture, electronics and clothing. Group filters allow you to show items by a category (like electronics) or group items by a room to find out where an object is located.

All set? Now you can email the inventory list for reference or just share it with your family. Exporting the list to CSV format allows you to open the list in MS Excel for editing on a PC.

Completely customizable add new categories and locations to suit your home.

Feature List

  • - Discover your home expenses
  • - Add photos directly from your phone
  • - Note serial numbers for warranty
  • - Plain text find and search
  • - Export inventory list to CSV and email

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