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What is Arego?

Arego is an RSS reader for Android.

Subscribe to your favorite news, blogs and article feeds. Arego will fetch news and articles every 30 minutes.

The elegant reading interface is designed to be easy on your eyes and elegant to view. The reading pane is made super clean and minimal to help read long form articles.

Arego comes with a curated feed list of popular RSS feeds preconfigured, you can subscribe to more or remove feeds you don't like.

Our list of feeds can never be complete, so you can add your own news feed or favorite blog too.

You can tell your friends what you are reading, Arego let's you share news and articles on social networks like twitter and facebook. You can also save to evernote or pocket for reading later.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with too much news and information, Arego let's you schedule when you want to read news of a certain type. For example you can ask arego to fetch images from national geographic archives on weekends and evenings only.

The built in image and news cache ensures that news and images are cached for offline reading. The cache is optimized conserve data usage on android devices.

What else?

Arego has a like button to tell arego that you like this news and look for more topics like this. Thumbs down button will train Arego to understand what you do not like to read.

Arego uses a ranking system to figure out what news you like most and builds a profile of your interests. The smarts system is sophisticated enough to understand what topics, times and relevance matter to you.

The goto source button will open the original news source in the default android browser.

In Live wallpaper mode Arego will sift through all your news feeds of the moment and show you the most relevant piece of news as a live wallpaper. Touch the wallpaper to open up the article. Arego will keep updating the wallpaper with the latest news and articles including image previews.

Thats not all, Arego will change colors as the day progresses to give you a dynamic reading experience with time.

In RSS reader mode Arego can be used as a standalone android news reader app. You can also configure feeds and app settings in this mode.

Feature List

  • - Clean reading experience
  • - Create reading schedules
  • - Curated news and blog feeds
  • - Add custom news sources
  • - Offline reading support
  • - Live wallpaper mode

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